Charmaine Carayo

Charmaine joined amge+ in 2015, when she became responsible for recruitment database and candidate administration and support. Charmaine additionally provides support in client accounts management.

Charmaine completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of San Carlos, where her thesis became an internationally published scientific paper. Naturally an excellent and passionate researcher, with extensive client service experience, Charmaine adopts a very thorough and lateral approach to improving and managing our 2 large amge+ databases; whilst keeping our team informed and up to date with all of our client focused documentation, resumes and critical information. This enables us to turn around client requests as promptly as we're known for.

Charmaine loves travelling and enjoys being at one with nature, and especially with marine life, going scuba diving as often as she can. When not in the water, Charmaine can be found devouring the latest and greatest movies from Hollywood and all around the world.

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