Q&A with an Independent Contractor

This month on the amge+ blog we have been discussing working with or as an independent contractor. There are many ways in which independent contractors can help meet a team’s goals without exhausting internal resources or making unneeded long-term hires. Independent contractors enjoy the flexibility afforded by project-based contracts while growing their network and tackling varying challenges, all of which contribute to a richer work life.

One way amge+ creates winning partnerships is by matching highly qualified independent contractors with the teams that need them. This month we spoke with one of the contractors we work with, Anita, about her work as an independent contractor. Anita is a senior business analyst with 10+ years of industry experience who advises entrepreneurs and provides local market, IT, finance, planning and growth support.

Anita, what do you like most about working as an Independent Contractor?

I discovered after I developed my experience within the projects and ERP space, that I was ready to explore a different way to work, to travel, and to take on rewarding challenges. I enjoy having a flexible work arrangement as well as the opportunity to grow my professional network by working with a variety of high profile clients. Between assignments I usually travel, develop my professional knowledge, and run my consulting business.

What do you find most challenging about working as an Independent Contractor?

Some projects are short which means I have to deliver solutions in a hurry. Regardless, I always deliver.

What have been some of your recent projects?

I recently worked on multiple global green field SAP projects, online projects, as well as global manufacturing, mining, national government and utilities projects. I have worked on transformation programs involving between 1,000 - 40,000 people with budgets exceeding $10M. I have also enjoyed working with the Project Consultancy Partners (Big 4) during a time when they were changing management, deployment, and implementation teams.

What are the biggest benefits for employers who hire you?

I utilise industry-wide best practices that help companies run more efficiently and in alignment with company strategy: I perform a top to bottom analysis then I implement automation, simplify processes, and offer recommendations. I identify opportunities and mitigate risks. Employers hire me because I offer help on completing projects while providing essential tools to effectively manage stakeholders’ requirements, analysis, change impacts, project plans & delivery, validation/testing, training and support.

What would you say to other people who are considering becoming independent contractors?

I would advise them to consider whether being an independent contractor aligns with their career progression plan. Would they be happy being mobile and working on projects with various companies? Once a project finishes, will they be able to adapt to a new organisation and run the project quickly? If it’s something that interests them, I recommend trying it to see if it is a good fit!

Thank you for your time, Anita.

It has been my pleasure.