Meet Leeza Young

 Leeza Young, Consultant

Leeza Young, Consultant

Where are you from and how did you end up in Melbourne?

I was born and bred in Christchurch, New Zealand. I left not long after the Christchurch Earthquakes as I wanted to explore a bigger, more fast-paced city. Melbourne seemed like the perfect choice and four years later, my spontaneous decision to book a one-way flight has paid off!


What is something you’ve done that you really loved or that you are really proud of?

Straight after finishing University, I went on a 6 month OE with 3 of my best friends around Europe. We got ourselves into some interesting situations but I found that when you get thrown into the deep end, you end up working it out (after the initial panic!)

Flat white, cappuccino, or long black?

Strong latte, one sugar please!


Top three favourite Melbourne restaurants?

Hmm, this one is hard to narrow down to three as Melbourne is a foodies dream!

  • Jimmy Grants (I am unsure if that classes as a restaurant, but they have amazing souvlaki’s with chips in them, and you cannot beat their grain salad!! Yum!)
  • Feast of Merit (Their whole menu is amazing – particularly their slow cooked lamb and fried cauliflower!!!)
  • Hutong Dumpling Bar (For their xiao long bao!!)


How do you know when a good match is being made?

It’s all about trust and communication for me from both sides of the fence. When you work with a client and build the relationship over time, you get to know what aspects will and won’t work when considering a candidate further than technical experience, or ‘what’s on paper.’ If there is that trust and transparency, you get a good understanding for the little things that will play a part in the candidate’s favour. This is reflected on the candidate’s side also. If we create a trusting relationship and understand their background, wants and needs, we can be sure that each role we put them forward for is the right role and organisation for their next career move.


What’s your favourite part of working at amge?

The work culture and collaborative approach. We really aim hard to create relationships and do the best by both our clients and candidates. We are down to earth and are honest in how we approach a brief.


How do you create work/life balance?

I’m very much an organised person. I like to have plans for the day and stick by them as much as possible which means I generally leave the office on time. If things pop up unexpectedly I will prioritise and ensure anything important is attended to first. Although I keep an eye on incoming messages when I’m out of the office, I won’t action anything unless I need to. I make time for friends, getting out and about and enjoying the Melbourne lifestyle.


Favourite city in the world?

Barcelona. The city is so alive! Lots of culture, amazing food, and we made some lifelong friends which made that part of the trip so much more memorable.


What have you never done that you should have learned to do by now?

Drive a manual car… confidently


Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

My grandad likes to call them his “Three F’s” – Friends, Family and Food! I very much live by the same mantra.