Andrew Medard, Managing Director

Originally from Melbourne, of Monash University and Caulfield Grammar School alumni, Andrew commenced his finance and accounting career in London and Sydney. He returned to Melbourne to join Hewlett Packard where he spent 3 years as a Business Analyst for several key sales & customer divisions, before joining the recruitment industry in 2004. Since that time Andrew has been a prominent figure in the Melbourne recruitment market, initially across the Finance & Accounting industry.

In 2009 Andrew founded amge+, successfully driving the growth and diversification of the businesses client partnerships with great passion and success. Andrew works across all aspects of existing and future amge+ business, with a specific focus on leading search assignments and working as a specialist adviser on improving organisational gender equality and diversity. He leads the amge+ recruitment team and guides the team and clients on all major search and recruitment projects.

From 2014 to early 2016 Andrew led amge+ from South-East Asia. In addition to his work for amge+, Andrew worked for the Australian Government in trade and business development, and served on the Board for the Australian Chamber of Commerce Lao PDR (AustCham Lao).

In recent years, Andrew decided to focus his 12 years of experience in consulting to medium to large-sized corporations to guiding organisations on how to create opportunity from the challenges they have in achieving gender equality, diversity and inclusion; specifically he focusses on what can be done in recruitment, retention, pregnancy, parental leave & support and talent development policies and practices. Andrew passionately believes in the social, financial and economic benefits that Australia can enjoy through becoming a global leader in promoting a fair, diverse and balanced private sector.

To get in touch with Andrew, email or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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